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2021-12-11 01:59:23 By : Mr. Samuel Jiao

The weather in Noida has finally become cold and polluted. You can test the Dyson purifier Hot + Cool. Although it’s not so cold now and I need a heater in the room, it is seriously polluted. Many air purifiers in my house have been running continuously for several days to ensure that the air inside is enough for my 10-year-old.

Therefore, when I turned on the new Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool one morning in late November, even though the fan's gentle air awakened me, what caught my attention was the shocking purple number. Noida has recorded more than 300 records on the AQI. Sighing our collective helplessness, I let the hot air warm my spirit and started some early morning editing work.

The new Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool has a different design from the larger Dyson Purifier Cool that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Not only does this have cool air, but like other Dysons with heating elements, there is a smaller loop at the top that requires a power socket to work.

A few minutes later, Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool adjusted the room temperature to a very comfortable 22 degrees, even though the outdoor temperature was only 15 degrees. But even better, it has reduced PM 2.5 levels below 100, and the number has fallen further.

I can use the remote control located at the top of the loop to check the level of other pollutants being processed by the purifier, from PM10 to VOC and NO2. The front display also shows the temperature and humidity level in the room.

Like other Dysons, this Dyson also uses advanced HEPA filters combined with sensors to capture pollutants and allergens. Just to test the sensor, when there is a barbecue at home, I run the purifier in Auto, and it just amplifies to inhale smoke.

Although the remote control allows you to perform all operations on the purifier, the fact that it is fixed to the top of the purifier means that you usually won't be near it. This is why I prefer to use a mobile app to control Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool. The purifier can be tilted and rotated at multiple angles. For example, if you just want to warm your legs, this is a great feature.

One aspect to keep in mind is that when the Dyson purifier Hot + Cool is running at full speed, trying to lower the AQI level in the room as quickly as possible, it may be a bit noisy. In fact, it is almost as noisy as the chimney in our kitchen. So I ended up running it mainly at low fan levels, especially at work. A good way to use a purifier is to turn it on and run it at full speed through the app before you go home from the office or outing.

The box price of Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool is 55,900 rupees, but the quotation is much lower. This is a good investment for the winter in northern India. Over the years, these areas have also become polluted seasons. Yes, this is an expensive household gadget, but it can actually be used throughout the year, so it will quickly make up for the cost.

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