We tried to use a portable air and surface sterilizer for a week. This is our review

2021-12-11 01:48:44 By : Mr. yongke liang

Unlike traditional air purifiers, the Versa 25 HomeTravel series air + surface disinfector targets surface contaminants in the air and the surrounding environment.

Released for Medklinn, December 9, 2021, 10:22 AM

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Medklinn's Versa 25 HomeTravel Series Air+ Surface Sterilizer is a portable air sterilizer that can release active oxygen to sterilize the air and surrounding surfaces

From the air we breathe to the surfaces we touch, it is undeniable that people still worry about their surroundings.

Maintaining social distancing, washing hands regularly, and wiping surfaces with disinfectants-doing all these things has become part of our daily lives. It is completely natural to want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your own safety.

This is where the Versa 25 comes in. Its main function is to reduce pollutants in the air and promote a cleaner environment around us.

This portable air sterilizer has six functions including disinfection. We tested it for a week, and it can be used at home, in the office or even during camping.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the Versa 25 Family+ Travel series: 1. Disinfect the air and surfaces with active oxygen 2. This portable air sterilizer weighs only 220 grams, which is 95% smaller than traditional air purifiers 3. 250 square feet of ground 4. Easily connect via USB 5. Replaceable ink cartridges that don’t need to be cleaned 6. Available in a variety of colors

What makes Versa 25 unique is that it can also disinfect surface contaminants

Most air purifiers only target pollutants in the air, but this portable air sterilizer from Medklinn claims to be able to target similar pollutants (such as bacteria, mold, and viruses) on surfaces that come in contact with your body. So, think about the sheets, curtains, tables and sofas when you are at home, or car interiors and hotel rooms when you travel. This is possible because Medklinn's patented air and surface sterilization technology, Cerafusion, can generate active oxygen like nature. According to Medklinn, this eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, odors and pollutants in the air and on surfaces*.

*Based on the microbiology and HEV-71 test of the University of Malaya Medical Center, the efficacy test result of HygCen of Germany, the air and surface sterilization (reduction of dust mites) test of the Acarology Unit of the Infectious Disease Research Center of the Malaysian Institute of Medicine, Monash University Microbiology Learning test

It is also small and light, can be carried with us, and it comes in handy after we tried many times

We were pleasantly surprised to find that it is packed in an ultra-light and compact box, which is perfect whether you want to put it at home, in the office, or travel with it.

Without further ado, here are our findings when we tried Versa 25 under different settings:

We tested it in the living room and bedroom of a high-rise apartment. Connecting the device is very simple, you only need a plug and a USB cable to connect to Versa 25.

Generally, if you close all windows and balcony doors in your home, it may cause restricted air circulation. However, Versa 25 works by filling your living space with active oxygen, and it works best when all doors and windows are closed.

During the day, we put the Versa 25 in the living room where we work. Apart from the low buzzing sound and the obvious "clean" smell, we didn't really notice it. All day long, it’s nice to know that the air we breathe is clean, and we don’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling any pollutants. One thing to note is that air fresheners and perfumes should not be used while the equipment is running, as this will make air disinfection more difficult. Therefore, if you usually use scented candles with candle heaters like we do, you may need to move them to another room or turn them off while running Versa 25.

Although we don't think this is necessary, it's really gratifying to know that the air and car interior are being disinfected with Versa 25's active oxygen. We rarely go out, except for occasional family dinners, quick lunches with friends, or grocery stores. When we do this, every time we return to the car, we have to make sure to disinfect our hands and wear a mask. Versa 25 makes us feel at ease because our clothes can also kill bacteria and viruses. This feeling became more prominent when we tested it on the road for more than two hours. Thanks to the USB used to connect the Versa 25, we can plug it into a car adapter or use a power bank to make it run. We went with the former. Likewise, it is easy to let it do its job and forget it. The good news is that the air does not make people feel sultry, which often happens in long-distance buses with air conditioners on all the time.

Versa 25, up and running in our tent during the camping trip.

The most prominent place of Versa 25 is during camping trips. It almost completely got rid of the musk in the tent, which was caused by the rainwater seeping into the cushion inside-which made our tent buddies very happy, hehe. In addition, considering all the outdoor activities we do, such as jungle trekking and cave exploration, Versa 25 is absolutely convenient to put in our four-person medium-sized tent.

Finally, we tested the Versa 25 in the office. Although we work from home most of the time, there are a few cases where we enter the office. One of these instances happened to happen the week we planned to review the Versa 25. :D As mentioned earlier, Versa 25 has air and surface disinfection capabilities, giving you peace of mind. In the same way, it’s simple to plug in and let it do its magic at home, with the portable device running on a shared desk at work.

Maybe it's a larger open space, but it doesn't seem to produce the buzz we heard before. A colleague did notice that the active oxygen in the device reminded them of the ion generator used before. There are many physical contact points that may be overlooked-such as putting our arms on the table at work-so when we work, using the Versa 25 in the office is a good addition.

All in all, we appreciate the possibility of using Medklinn's Versa 25 HomeTravel Series Air+Surface Sterilizer to reduce pollutants in the environment, not to mention its portability

The reasonable price of this portable disinfection device is RM669, and it also claims to help solve sinus problems and allergies. Learn more about Medklinn's efficacy test and Versa 25 features on its website. Having an air and surface sterilizer alone does not guarantee complete protection, but if you want to take additional measures to protect yourself and your family from pollutants and odors, Versa 25 is worth considering. Medklinn will have a year-end promotion from December 11th to December 31st. If you are considering buying this portable device, you can enjoy a 15% discount on Versa 25 and all other products on their website.

Visit Medklinn's website to learn more about the Versa 25 HomeTravel Series Air+Surface Sterilizer

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